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If you’re worried about the health of trees on your property, contact Turning Leaf Tree Service, LLC today. We offer reliable tree services in the Sammamish, Redmond & Bellevue, WA areas.

A certified arborist will visit your property and assess the condition of your trees before making appropriate recommendations for their care or removal. We have the skills, equipment and knowledge to handle:


We'll keep your residential or commercial property looking neat and orderly. Contact Turning Leaf Tree Service today to learn more about our tree services in Sammamish, Redmond Bellevue, WA

Make sure your home or office is as safe as possible

We will take care of trees of all sizes on residential and commercial properties. You don’t need to wait for something to fall from your tree to pay attention to it. Preventive maintenance goes a long way toward preventing problems in your yard.

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Turning Leaf Tree Service opened for business in 2003. Our boutique operation offers competitive prices and outstanding customer service. From your initial consultation through to the completion of your needed tree services, we’ll handle the job seamlessly. We’re based in Sammamish, WA and serve an area within 25 miles, including Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Renton and Mercer Island.

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